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Contempt (1963)
(Artwork subject to change)
Item ID: 87037
Title: Contempt (1963)
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Genre: Classic
DVD Release Date: 04 February 2014
Year: 1963
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Description: When writer Paul Javal (Michel Piccoli) is hired by an American producer Jeremy Prokosch (Academy Award winner Jack Palance) to commercialise director Fritz Lang's cinematic adaptation of The Odyssey, nothing prepares him for the turmoil ahead. Whilst Javal is attempting the rewrite in Capri, his wife Camille (Brigitte Bardot) spends an unexplained hour in the company of Prokosch which sets off an argument between the couple that reveals deeper problems within the marriage and the contempt Camille feels for her husband. A complex and textured study of cinema and sacrifice directed by French New Wave master Jean-Luc Godard, with stunning sundrenched photography by Raoul Coutard, intensely lyrical music by Georges Delerue, Le Mepris is a stunning journey into a truly cinematic dreamscape.
Rating: PG
Format: DVD
Unit Weight: 1