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Night of Fear / Inn of the Damned (1 Disc)
(Artwork subject to change)
Item ID: 95871
Title: Night of Fear / Inn of the Damned (1 Disc)
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Genre: Horror
DVD Release Date: 03 May 2016
Year: 1974
Director: Terry Bourke
Description: NIGHT OF FEAR: A deranged and reclusive stranger delights in dismembering unwary travellers and keeping company with a colony of rats fed on blood.

When a young woman crashes into one of this misfit's ghoulish traps, so begins "an unremitting avalanche of terror" (The Australian) as she is relentlessly stalked and terrorized!

Unseen for over 30 years and originally branded "the film they didn't want you to see," Night Of Fear became Australia's most controversial movie of the 197os. The film's producers fought a running, defiant battle with the censors, after initially being banned outright on the grounds of "indecency and obscenity".

INN OF THE DAMNED: On a lonely stretch of road, deep in an isolated Australian rain forest, lies an eerie, forgotten Inn. Few travellers stop there now, and those that do... disappear!

An American bounty hunter is hired to unravel the Inn's chilling secrets. He is soon confronted by its demented owners, obsessed with guarding the terrible truth within.

Action packed with sadistic violence, bare flesh and tainted sex, Inn Of The Damned is a horror classic that will shock you to the core!
Rating: M
Format: DVD
Running Time: 172 Mins
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